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Summer is Super Undies Time!

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Summer Potty Training with Super UndiesEveryone you talk to will give you a different opinion on how potty training happens and what method you should use. I’ve got to put in my two cents, too!

Summer is upon us, and that means Potty Learning Time!

There’s a big benefit to training in the summer. You can spend days or whole weeks outside! Just you, your kiddo and a kid-sized potty. You can relax knowing you won’t have to clean your carpets or couches, if worse comes to worse you can just hose everything down!

Super Undies are one of our favorite cloth trainers. Their stretchy sides allow them to pull up and down easily, just like underwear. The Pocket Trainers have snaps on the side, so if there is an accident it is easy for you to clean (no dragging it down your child’s leg. EW!).

Super Undies Nighttime Undies are the best option for trained kids who still need protection at night. With multiple layers of thirsty microfiber and the ability to add more absorbency (like hemp) these grow-with-your-kid trainers have soft fleece leg openings for comfort and a waterproof exterior to prevent leaks.

No matter where you are on the potty learning road, Super Undies has a product to help you and your little one master this next phase of life!

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