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FuzziBunz Freebies!

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FuzziBunz Sale 2012


Time to stock up on the FuzziBunz Elite One Size Pocket Diaper! From now through July 31, 2012, for every five FuzziBunz Elite diapers you purchase you will receive one free! This is an on-the-spot promotion, you pick your free diaper and take it home immediately! No mail in rebate forms and waiting for your free diaper to arrive.

The FuzziBunz Elite is our favorite pocket diaper for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • FuzziBunz Elite comes with minkee inserts instead of microfiber. First of all, minkee is super soft and doesn’t stick to your skin like microfiber (which can be icky to tactile-sensitive folk). Second, minkee tends to not have ammonia buildup problems like its microfiber cousin. You get the same great absorbency, but better long-term satisfaction.
  • FuzziBunz Elite adjustment system is like no other and creates a custom fit just for your baby. Not just three settings where you have to guess if your baby is small, medium or large, the FuzziBunz Elite has seven different size settings both on the leg openings and around the waist. Skinny waist and chubby thighs? No problem. Skinny legs and big baby belly? No problem!
  • FuzziBunz Elite comes with a lifetime warranty. The best diaper warranty out there. FuzziBunz stands behind their products. You won’t be disappointed!

So now that you are convince the FuzziBunz Elite One Size Pocket Diaper is the way to go, head on over and pick up six for the price of five ASAP!

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