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The Switch to Cloth

Posted by Penelope on

Meet Penelope, the newest member to our Sprout Soup team! She will be chronicling her experiences with cloth diapers, baby carriers and other goodies as she tries them out with her daughter, Charlotte. 

A little over a month ago, I decided to stop at Sprout Soup to find out more about cloth diapers.  Although I wasn’t committed to the thought of washing and caring for them, I was feed up with disposables in a big way.  Disposable diapers seemed to be sucking up most of my baby budget, and just collecting piling up so fast. I used name brand because the off brands didn’t seem to do their job, and so easily was throwing away a quarter for every diaper change.  My daughter wasn’t much past 2 months and we had already dumped probably close $200 on diapers.

Frugalista Cover Bummis Super LiteSo I bought a small stack of prefolds, and a Bummis Super Lite cover in purple.  By the end of the next week I was hooked. My mom dug out her old prefolds from her attic; these gems were from the early 80s and still in working condition. Cloth diapering is more than just saving money, and being responsible for the environment, it is fun.  Charlotte is already a highly fashionable baby, and all the adorable covers just add to her stylish wardrobe.

Cloth diapers come in many styles and kinds where do you start? Ultimately, each family needs to explore which diapering options work best for them. But, if you are looking to save money and not do laundry every day, build your collection on the basics. If you can learn to fold a prefold, which we’d be happy to show you here at Sprout Soup, then you can easy stock up so you aren’t doing laundry every day.  So it is your grandma’s cloth diaper, but let me tell you things have progressed beyond diaper pins and clear rubber pants (which my mom happily dug out of the attic too). The covers today are far cuter, and fit far better. Snappis make it easy to attach the diaper to a squirmy baby without drawing blood.

Now with prefolds it is important to keep a few things in mind.   It takes practice. It will take a few weeks to get them perfectly wrapped around your baby, but thankfully the water proof covers keep it all inside.  It is a good idea to have extra covers when your baby is little so that you always have one ready. With prefolds size really does matter. My mom’s cloth diapers are more like the toddler size carried in the store. I find harder to get the small covers wrapped around them, and tucked in tight. Since Charlotte is still a small baby, I also dislike the added bulkiness.  I look for all my infant size ones first. They fit better faster. Now that you understand a little more about prefolds, it is easy to spend a little on all-in-ones or pocket diapers to add to your foundation of prefolds.

Look for reviews coming soon on FuzziBunz and BumGenius.


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