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Bum Genius 4.0: Better than the Competition

Posted by Penelope on

Pocket diapers are easy to find these days online. The list of brands is overwhelming. Some brands even try to look like Bumgenius with surprisingly similar name components like 4.0. These other brands are much cheaper, and it can be tempting to build your stash with these diapers. Don’t. I won’t be buying another one, and not just because I work at Sprout Soup. When I started building my collection of cloth diapers, money saving was a factor so I tried a few from a friend. I hate them. I wish I had used my money for Bumgenius or Fuzzibunz.
The design of a pocket diaper appears relatively simple. They are constructed with an outside layer of PUL fabric and an inside of cotton or fleece with a pocket in the back to stuff a microfiber insert to absorb which catches the moisture. The Bumgenius 4.0 have adjustable levels of snaps or velcro that can be sized to fit a young baby to a toddler. I found two major problems with my Chinese diapers. The PUL leaks. It doesn’t take much to make them leak either. As soon as I purchased my first bumgenius, I noticed a difference in the quality and thickness. Second, the quality of the snaps and placement of the snaps is better on the Bumgenius. I don’t feel like I am in danger of destroying one of the snaps on the Bumgenius with regular use.
My other favorite things about Bumgenius, include the softness of the layer that touches Charlotte. Although I can’t find a problem with the other diapers, the softness just doesn’t compare. Lastly, although some bulk is to be expected with any cloth diaper, I like the fit of the Bumgenius even though they are a one sized diaper.
Still debating about adding to your collection with Bumgenius? Consider stocking up now, while they are still buy 5 get one free. So are Fuzzibunz Elite, which are also worth your money. These diapers will last through your cloth diapering journey.


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