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Bring A Friend Week

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We at Sprout Soup are so delighted when new customers come in and tell us that a friend has sent them to our shop. Being a small, locally-owned business means we rely on word of mouth and referrals to bring people through our door. We wanted to find a way to thank those of you that help spread the word about us and this is it!

Bring a friend to Sprout Soup during our “Bring a Friend Week” starting on July 26.

Call up your friends and ask them to come shopping with you at Sprout Soup!

As our way of saying thanks, each of you will receive a Swag Bag filled with awesome goodies, like samples from our favorite companies and coupons from neighboring stores. You might also find a fun prize inside your bag like a discount off your purchase that day! Swag Bags are available while supplies last. One Swag Bag per family for the duration of Bring A Friend Week.

The fun doesn’t end there, though! When you bring your friend in to Sprout Soup, both of you can register for our grand prize drawing of a $50 Sprout Soup Gift Certificate! One for you, one for your friend! While the Swag Bags are only one per family, you can enter the drawing once for every friend you bring!

So make plans to meet up at Sprout Soup in July and get some special rewards and our sincere appreciation to you for helping us become Central Ohio’s number one independent baby store!

Meet Janie and Sue. Janie invited Sue to go shopping with her at Sprout Soup for Bring A Friend Week. They wanted to get in on the fun right away, so they came on Thursday, July 26.

They both get a Swag Bag of goodies which they immediately open and find lots of great samples and goodies. Sue’s has a coupon for 20% off one item during Bring A Friend Week. Score!

The girls have fun browsing the cloth diapers, trying on baby carriers and playing with the toys. Before they leave the both get to fill out an entry form for the $50 Gift Certificate. Janie lists Sue as her friend and Sue lists Janie as her friend on the form. If one of those entries is chosen, they both win!

A couple days later Janie finds out that her friend Ellen is newly pregnant! She is thrilled to be able to introduce Ellen to her favorite baby store!

The girls come to Sprout Soup on Sunday, July 29. It’s still Bring A Friend Week!

Since it’s Ellen’s first time at Sprout Soup, she gets a Swag Bag like the one Janie and Sue received the other day.

The girls also get to enter the drawing again! This time Janie lists Ellen as her friend, and Ellen lists Janie as her friend.

This gives Janie a total of four entries in the $50 Gift Certificate drawing! Sue and Ellen each have two chances to win.

So start calling your friends and making plans to visit Sprout Soup during Bring A Friend Week, Thursday, July 26 through Wednesday, August 1st.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, we have only shown women in our story. This is because we believe women are the most likely to enjoy shopping at Sprout Soup. This does not mean that men cannot participate in Bring A Friend Week! They sure can! However, ladies, you cannot bring your partner or husband in as your friend. Sorry! You may bring your sister, your mother, your sister-in-law or mother-in-law. Heck you can even bring your brother or your father-in-law. But we can only count one person per immediate family, so even though you might drag in Grandma, Grandpa, your sister Kate and your husband, you will only receive one entry for each immediate family (One for Grandma and Grandpa and one for Kate). The group of you will only receive three Swag Bags (one per family). Thank you for your cooperation and working with us to make sure we can share Sprout Soup and our goodies with as many families as possible!

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