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Sprout Swap August 2012

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Sprout Swap August 2012It’s that time again! Sprout Swap is almost here! Mark your calendar for August 11 and 12!

Sprout Swap is a consignment sale offered by Sprout Soup twice a year. One weekend in February and one weekend in August. The way it works is people bring their gently used items to Sprout Soup a week before the Swap. They are tagged with prices and we organize them and have them for sale during the Swap weekend.

Anyone is welcome to come and shop! You will find amazing deals on gently used cloth diapers, baby carriers and breastfeeding supplies.

If you would like to sell items, follow the instructions on our Swap Registration page. Please note that items must be registered and dropped off before August 4, 2012.

New For This Swap

We like to keep it fresh and offer new things every swap. :)

First off, if you are selling at this swap, we are using FlashConsign to organize the sale. This website will allow you to enter your items and print tags yourself. It will also allow you to check on which items sold and for how much! You can track your earnings and see what is left for you to pick up or donate after the sale.

Second, we are going to offer a special preview sale on Friday night, August 10. This preview sale will not be open to everyone! We will limit the number of people who can shop during this sale so if you need a little extra help choosing items, this might be the time for you to come! It will be much less crazy (Saturday morning of the Swap is always very crowded) and we will be able to give you a bit more help when choosing what to buy.

If you want to attend the preview sale, you will need to make a donation to a charity. We will have two preview time slots, one between 6 and 7 pm and another between 7 and 8 pm. Each time slot will have a limited number of shopping slots and a different charity to donate to. You must make your donation through us and in advance in order to secure your spot.

We are still choosing our charities! You are welcome to give us your suggestion by commenting here or posting on our Facebook Page.

Once the charities are announced we will have more information here for how you can secure a spot in the Swap preview sale!

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