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Beautiful Amber

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Amber Teething Necklaces

Charlotte seems to be growing up so fast these days. Her half birthday is only 10 days away. It may be time to move the snaps on her Bumgenius, and buy premium size prefold diapers. She has been drooling and chewing on everything since about 3 months. She is mostly content and doesn’t let the teething pain get in the way of exploring the world. Sometimes it does get the best of her. So far I have tried a few things that seem to work: Pumpkin Butt Teething Oil, and her new amber necklace.

Punkin Butt Teething OilI rub Punkin Butt Teething Oil on her gums, and love the little smile I get afterwards. Usually the pain gets the best of her when she is tired and about to go to sleep. She usually smiles a little at the flavor, and then calms down again enough to nurse, and go to sleep. The oil is a great natural solution compared to the now recalled Oragel.

Yesterday, while I was working, she just got tired, and fussy. She didn’t want to nurse, play on the floor, and wasn’t even super happy being held in the Mei Tai.

I had been meaning to get an amber teething necklace for a while, so I decided to pick one out. I picked out a beautiful clear orange necklace, and wrapped it around her ankle. She calmed down almost immediately and went to sleep. Since then I haven’t taken it off, and she has been happy and calm, but still ready to chew on everything. I love that this solution doesn’t involve any chemicals and it is even pretty. I put it on as an necklace today and she looks so grown up.


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