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Snap Press Service

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We are pleased to announce our Snap Fix and Conversion service!

Have a diaper you love but the touch tape is worn out? Or has your little one learned to rip open the Velcro diapers? Then a Snap Conversion is perfect for you!

Snap Conversion Requirements and Procedure

We can convert covers, fitted diapers, pocket diapers and all-in-one diapers that have a pocket opening. We need to be able to access the back of the PUL (waterproof exterior) in order to install the snaps, so diapers that have the absorben layer sewn in without a pocket may not be able to be converted by us. (If you are at all crafty, we will let you use our snap press to add snaps to the diapers which need to be ripped open in order to convert. Then you may sew them back together on your own.)
We will use the template from a snap version of the diaper to place the snaps if available. If we do not have a template for your diaper brand we will create one or work with you to get the fit you like.The Velcro/touch tape/aplix must be removed by you before we can convert the diaper. A simple seam ripper should do the job easily.

Snap Conversions cost $4 per diaper. Diapers which were originally purchased from Sprout Soup are half price. Snap Conversions can take up to one week to complete.

Snap Fixes

We define a snap fix as removing and replacing a broken snap. We replace a snap with a new snap in the same position as the old one. Because this is much easier than lining up and placing snaps in a conversion, the cost is much less expensive.

If your snap has broken, doesn’t close properly or has any other issue, we can fix it for you, often while you wait.

Snap Fixes cost 15 cents per snap. Diapers or wet bags which were purchased from Sprout Soup can be fixed for free.


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