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Sprout Swap Consignment Sale

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Our ninth biannual Sprout Swap is upon us! Sprout Swap is a consignment sale where families can turn their outgrown or unneeded cloth diapers and baby carriers into Sprout Soup store credit or cash.

Sprout Swap 2013
Saturday, February 16 10am to 5:30pm
Sunday, February 17 1pm to 5:30pm

For shoppers, you get the opportunity to pick up gently used items at a fraction of the cost of new!

>Here’s a few things you might be wondering about the Swap.

What Will Be For Sale at the Swap?

Prefolds at the SwapWhat is available all depends on what our sellers bring in. But you can expect a large number of cloth diapers in every variety. We separate diapers by style so it is easy to find what you are looking for. Our Swap tags will tell you the size and brand of the diapers if applicable. It is best to have an idea of what style diapers you are looking for before coming to the Swap because it can be overwhelming at first.

If you aren’t sure which diapers would work best for your child, consider attending one of our Cloth Diaper Classes before the Swap.

We also expect a good selection of baby carriers to be available. Carriers will range from Moby Wraps, which we love for the newborn stage, to woven wraps and soft structured carriers. Once again, we won’t know what is available until the Swap occurs, but if you are in the market for a new carrier, this is a great way to pick one up for a fraction of the price. Moby Wraps are priced between $25 and $35, other carriers will be 20-60% off their retail price.

Less plentiful, but also accepted for sale at the Swap are breastfeeding
items, such as pillows, bras and pumps.

Can I Shop If I Haven’t Brought Anything to Sell?

Sprout Swap ShoppersYes! This is not a true Swap where you need to bring an item to get something. This is a Consignment Sale and all of the items for sale have been brought to Sprout Soup before the Swap
dates. When you come in to shop, you can choose whatever you like
and the cost is displayed on the item tag. We ring sales through
Sprout Soup, so we can accept cash or charge and you can also
purchase items from the store along with your Swap items.

Where can I park?

On Saturday you may park at the Clinton Heights church, located one block north of Sprout Soup, on the same side of High Street. The parking lot is accessible through the alley on Longview or from Clinton Heights Ave. on Friday and Sunday, please park on the street as usual.

Should I Bring My Friends/Kids/Husband?

Bring anyone you like!

Please note that we do not allow strollers in during the Swap due to space constraints.

Some people like to bring extra adults to help with kids, this is a great idea if you cannot leave the kids at home. Our play area is closed during the Swap.

What Time Should I Come?

We will open at 10am on Saturday, February 16. There is always a line waiting outside before we open. Since this is our winter Swap, be prepared for cold weather!

You might wish to wait until after 10 so you can avoid waiting outside. While you do get the best selection by shopping early, if you are unsure what you are looking for or might need extra help making sense of the items for sale, coming later in the day might benefit you as our staff will be able to better assist you in finding items.

Sunday is Discount Day! Many of the items that didn’t sell on Saturday will be discounted on Sunday.

Will There Be A Preview on Friday Evening?

At our Swap last August we arranged a Preview Night on Friday before the Swap.

This will be happening again, and we have invited parents who have attended our Cloth Diaper Class and/or have finished at least one VIP card to attend this preview. Please email us if you fit this description and did not receive an invitation.

Items can be purchased during the preview Evening.

What If I Don’t Like What I Purchased?

Please choose your Swap purchases wisely! We cannot accept returns on Swap items. New items purchased in the store during the Swap are covered by our 30 Day Return Policy.

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