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February Swap Sellers

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It’s time once again to get your outgrown or unwanted cloth diapers, cloth trainers, diaper accessories, baby carriers and breastfeeding items ready for sale in the February Sprout Swap!

Important Dates

Sprout Swap is February 16-17, 2013
Items may be registered January 19-February 8
Last day for drop off is February 9, 2013

How to Participate

Our Swap is run by an online service called Flash Consign. This website allows you to enter your items for sale, tag them and keep track of what is purchased.

If you haven’t participated in a Swap before, you will need to create an account on the Flash Consign website. Once your account is created a few things will need to happen before your items are entered in the Swap.

  1. You must pay a $4 registration fee to Flash Consign. The website will prompt you for this payment.
  2. Your account must be approved by Sprout Soup. We do this at least once a day, depending on when you registered you might need to wait up to 24 hours before your account is approved. You will receive an email when your account is approved.
  3. Your items must be tagged for sale. Follow the instructions on the website to print your tags and attach them to your items.

A Few Suggestions

Diapers Tied in PackagesPackage like items together. To make registering items a bit easier on you, create packages of diapers. This is especially good for lower-priced items like prefolds or pocket diapers. Keep the sale price of packages below $25 for best results. Use string or ribbon to tie the items together, do not place them in bags. Open diapers and stack them on top of each other before tying together so that the insides can be inspected without breaking the packages apart. Do not mix brands or types of items unless they were originally together. For instance, you can package Best Bottoms Inserts with a Best Bottoms Cover, but do not package prefolds with covers, sell them separately.

Use heavy paper to print your tags. When you are ready to tag your items, use card stock or heavier paper to print your tags. This will make sure your tags do not rip off your item when they are being sorted or touched by customers. Tape does not stay affixed to cloth! Tie your tags to your items, or arrange to use the tagging gun at Sprout Soup.

Make sure your items are clean and in working order. We reserve the right to not set out for sale any item that does not look to be in usable condition. This would include items that are dirty, have holes in them, broken fasteners or elastic that is no longer stretchy. (Stains are of course expected on cloth diapers, sun them or use stain remover to make sure they look their best.) The Sprout Swap has become the best setting for families to find gently used cloth diapers at a good price and we want to keep our reputation! If any item that comes in is questionable, either for its condition or price, we will flag that item and attempt to contact you to remedy the situation before the Swap.

The Dollar Bin will be available once again. Items that are not in functional condition or have a less than $2 resale value can be donated to our Dollar Bin. There are no restrictions on what can go in the Dollar Bin. These items are free on discount day and automatically donated after the Swap. You do not need to tag or register these items through the Flash Consign website, you can just include them when you drop off your items.

Package your items securely before you drop off at Sprout Soup. Please pack all of your items in a bag or box and keep it closed so nothing can fall out! We get quite a lot of items and we store them in a great big pile until it’s time to sort through them. We’d hate to lose one of your items between storing and sorting, so please make sure nothing can fall out!

Pricing, Payment and Getting Help

We have a pricing guide that can help you determine what to ask for your items. If your item isn’t listed on the guide, you can price based on similar items, or start at 50% of retail for cloth diapers, going up to 75% of retail for items in like new condition. Baby carriers will go for 10-40% off their retail price.

We process Swap sales as soon as possible after the Swap ends, but please give us two weeks to get through everyone. We double check your items and get your unsold items ready for pick up. While it might seem easy for you to see what items sold in your Flash Consign account, going through 50 sellers takes some time. We call every seller once totals are ready.

We will ask when we call if you would like cash (given to you as a check) or Sprout Soup store credit for your sold items. If you choose cash, you will receive 80% of the selling price. If you choose store credit you will receive 95% of the selling price. If you would like a combination of both, please let us know what portion you would like in store credit and we will do the rest in cash. For example you can ask for $100 in store credit and you will receive $95, and then 80% of what is above and beyond $100 on a check.

You have the option to donate unsold items. Diapers will go to the Columbus Cloth Diaper connection. All other items go to the CHOICE Resource Room.

If you still need help with getting your items in the Sprout Swap, feel free to email us or use our contact form.


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