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Disposable Diaper Trade-In

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Many of you have probably seen the incredible display
created by Giggling Green Bean in Denver, Colorado. They collected
nearly 4,000 disposable diapers to represent the number of diapers
a child will go through in their first year of life. What a
statement it made! Giggling Green
Bean Disposable Diaper Display   We’d love to do
something similar at Sprout Soup. April is home to Earth Day and
usually a time when we celebrate the earth and for many that
includes contemplating ways to be more sustainable. April is also
the month we will participate in The Great
Cloth Diaper Change
, an event created to promote reusable
diapering options. Stay tuned for more information on The Great
Cloth Diaper Change
. It would be fantastic if we could
show the city of Columbus that there are better options than
throwing away over 3,000 diapers for one child in a year! But we
need your help!! Starting immediately and continuing while we still
need diapers, Sprout Soup will give 20 cents in store credit for
any size and any brand disposable diaper. The disposable must be
clean and un-crumpled. This offer is available to our local
customers only. Diapers must be brought into the store and the
credit gained from the trade-in must be used at that time. We hope
to gather around 3,000 disposable diapers (if we can make it to
3,800 like The Giggling Green Bean, that would be wonderful). Once
we have used the diapers in our windows for the month of April, we
will donate them to a suitable non-profit who can give them to
families in need. If you have suggestions of who could use the
diapers, please let us know! So if you’ve been given disposable
diapers for your baby and don’t plan to use them, or if your child
has outgrown the disposables you have on hand, bring them in to
Sprout Soup! Help us promote cloth diapers and sustainable choices
for our earth in the month of April!

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