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Kinderpacks at Sprout Soup!

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Kinderpack Baby Carriers at Sprout Soup

Many don’t that Sprout Soup had its start in baby carriers. We’ve quickly become known for cloth diapers and baby gifts, and while we’re still the go-to place in Columbus for the widest range of baby carriers you can try on before you buy, some are surprised that’s where we got our start. You can read more about it on Our History page.

The Kinderpack Baby Carrier is upheld as one of the best SSCs (soft structured carriers) around by babywearing groups, but the only place to purchase it was by stalking the Kindercarry Facebook page and email groups to see when the next stocking would be, and you better be quick, because their popularity meant they were often sold out quickly.

I will admit that I thought of the Kinderpack as a “Unicorn” carrier, one that was almost too good to be true, or if it really was all that babywearing mamas say it is, then it would be too difficult for me to ever get my hands on! However, last fall I had a chance to meet Mel from Kindercarry at the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance Annual Meeting. While she surely is a true babywearing celebrity, Mel was totally down-to-earth. Just a fun, regular mom, thrown into fame by the success of her carrier. So I steeled myself for rejection and asked whether Kinderpacks would ever be available for stores like mine to offer. Hopefully you understand my excitement when Mel told me she was working on it!

Without further ado, Sprout Soup is pleased to announce the addition of The Kinderpack Baby Carrier to our line of premium babywearing products! We will start with a few of Kindercarry’s current fabric options, but in the next few weeks you will see us begin to offer our own exclusive designs! It’s so thrilling to be able to choose our own fabrics! And if you have an idea for a fabric or design that you would like to see on a Kinderpack, we’d be happy to consider it!

Kinderpack PFA Perfect Fit AdjustersFor those of you who are not familiar with the Kinderpack, it is one of the only SSCs available in a variety of sizes. There are four sizes to fit your child: Infant, Standard, Toddler and Preschooler. There are also standard and plus-size strap options to better fit you! All of our Kinderpacks will come with PFA’s, or Perfect Fit Adjusters.

These additional  buckles and webbing on each shoulder strap help modify the length and padding placement of the straps to get the perfect fit for you!

As with all our carriers, we will have a Kinderpack available for trying on in our store. We will have a Standard size pack with standard straps, even though will will have three of the four carrier sizes and a few plus-size strap options available for purchase. But this standard carrier will give you the feel for what a Kinderpack is like and you can choose to size the carrier up or down based on your child’s size, or choose to go with standard or plus size straps based on how our sample carrier fits you.

As always, we are here to help you choose the best baby carrier to fit your needs! We’re so thrilled to be able to add this remarkable carrier to our offerings.



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