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Fussy Baby

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Why is My Baby So Fussy?

Some babies get labeled “colicky.” Some babies get labeled “easy.” In my opinion, the hardest label to deal with is “fussy baby.” When you know it’s not reflux, it’s not a food reaction, it’s not because he’s hungry or wet, you come to the end of the rope and realize you have a fussy baby.

Dr. Sears likes to call them “high-needs.” I personally don’t like that term. It makes me think of special needs. Some people don’t like to call them fussy, they say that it implies that something is wrong with the baby. Either way, these fussy babies really don’t have anything wrong with them. In fact, I like to think that these babies are doing something right.

My son was the typical fussy baby. Life with him was hard. He was demanding. He wanted what he wanted and he wanted it right now. But he did me a huge favor. He taught me how to parent. He taught me that babies deserve to have their needs met, they deserve to be in the middle of the action, not amusing themselves in the corner.

The one life-saving device that I found worked with my fussy baby is the pouch sling. I had tried so many different carriers with him. Some of the carriers hurt my back. Some of the carriers were so hard to get on and off and he didn’t have the patience for it. With the pouch sling I could just pop him in and go. And going is the only thing that made him happy.

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