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Hotsling Sizing Tips

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A pouch is an easy to use baby carrier. In fact I would say that it is the easiest to use of all carriers, just pop baby in and go. What makes a pouch so great, though, is that there is nothing to adjust, so that makes sizing your pouch so that it fits you very important. We prefer Hotslings Baby Pouch carriers, a quality brand with excellent size options and gorgeous fabrics.

Here are some Hotslings Sizing Tips:

  1. The pouch should fit the wearer. Even as your baby grows, the Hotslings pouch should still fit the adult that is wearing it. If it seems unlikely that you will be able to use the same pouch throughout your baby’s first few years, consider that as your baby grows, more of him will actually be outside of the pouch, and most babies will start out chubby but thin out and grow taller in their second year of life. Only parents of the chubbiest babies need to worry that a pouch that fits them may not accomodate their child.
  2. If you are sizing your Hotslings pouch while you are pregnant, please use the sizing calculator with your pre-pregnancy information. We recommend that most women not choose their pouch size while they are in the last trimester of pregnancy. If you would like to order a pouch before giving birth, we do offer a generous return policy that will allow you to exchange the pouch, should you choose the wrong size.
  3. Snug fit or breathing room? Some pouch wearers prefer to have a nice, snug fit, and they may choose a Hotsling that holds their baby high, sitting right on top of their hip in the hip-carry position. Other wearers prefer a bit more breathing room. Whatever you are comfortable with is fine, there is no one right way to wear your pouch. A tighter pouch will feel a bit more secure and can help keep a wiggly or leaning child in place. The down side to sizing your Hotsling this way is that more pressure is placed on the shoulder that is wearing the pouch. A larger pouch may help distribute a heavier child’s weight across your back, but a pouch that is too large will once again put pressure on your shoulder.
  4. One last tip. Most people can actually use two or even three different Hotsling sizes. It’s ultimately your comfort level that will decide which is best for you.

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