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My First Lincoln Logs Review

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Product: My First Lincoln Logs
Manufacturer: K’Nex Lincoln Log Toys
Sets Reviewed: Farm, School House
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3+
Price: $19.99-29.95
Batteries: battery-free toy

Lincoln Log Farm
My First Lincoln Logs is the toddler version of the classic wooden toy. These are identical to the original version – just much larger making it easier for toddler hands to grab and hold. These sets have colorful pieces to capture the attention of young minds and come with pictures of buildings that can be build with the included pieces. These “instructions” (as my son calls them) are easy for children to follow and teach pattern matching and hand-eye coordination. My son loves to play with these and build creative new structures.
Twice as Big
One problem with these sets is that they did not come with enough longer pieces. Each set only had 1 or 2 of the longer pieces which severely limits the buildings that you can build. When I am playing with my son we “fight” over the longer pieces (granted he always seems to win) and one of us ends up not being able to build a decent size building that you can have the people play in.

Which leads me to my other critique of these toys. Instead of providing quality wooden people with the set it comes with plastic ones. They seem pretty cheap and are out of place with the wooden building pieces.

Overall I love the sets and they bring back a lot of good memories from my childhood.

Quality Factor 4
Play Factor 5
Value 5

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