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We Won!

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I’m still having a hard time reconciling the fact that only two months ago I was taking a shot in the dark by entering the Intuit JustStart competition. I knew we had a good idea, I knew we could convince others of our good idea, but could we really convice America? Could we really win it all in a competition against a couple thousand aspiring entreprenuers?

And now here we are! Grand prize winners!
America Voted - aderouch Wins!

So a lot of people want to know what’s in store for Sprout Soup? When is Cafe and Play launching? What are our plans?

Here’s just a quick rundown of the basics. While we are thrilled with our win, the Grand Prize of $40,000 simply just isn’t enough to start up a kids cafe. This doesn’t mean we are giving up on the idea, investors will be considered and we will continue to move toward the ultimate goal of a cafe that caters to families with a healthy menu and play spaces for kids. And we don’t want to let go of our dream of starting something now.

We had a scaled back version of our plan that included Sprout Soup as a natural home and family store, a place that catered to parents looking for a healthier lifestyle. We’re going to continue on this theme, but with our grand prize money will will expand that to include a play area for kids and possibly a coffee/juice bar. Plans are moving forward, we’re in process of selecting a location and we hope to open this spring.

We feel starting out small is the right move to make, and we hope that our sucess will easily propel us into the next phase, a full-scale cafe with retail, meeting rooms and special events. Thank you to all of our supporters. We’re so thrilled that you have taken us this far, and we look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you!

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