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Crayola Color Wonders Markers Review

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Product: Crayola Color Wonders Markers
Manufacturer: Crayola
Sets Reviewed: Crayola Color Wonders Markers – 6 Pack
Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3 – 6 Years
Price: $4.75
Batteries: battery-free toy

Color Wonders Markers
Once your child reaches the stage when he wants to color and create works of art to hang on the fridge these Color Wonders Markers are a necessity. Basically these markers only color on the special paper. This prevents “accidents” from happening where “somehow” marker appears on the wall. Not that this ever happened in our house (but if it does Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are AMAZING). Anyway, back on topic.

These markers come in a variety of colors and will keep your budding artist busy for as long as his imagination will go.

I highly recommend these over normal markers for your toddler and preschool age child.

Quality Factor 4
Play Factor 5
Value 5

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