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Best Baby Sling Review

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Great baby slingJust recently my 23 month old son and I tried out this baby sling. WOW! What a comfortable carrier! The extra padding all around made it a comfortable ride for both of us.

The shoulder padding is so very generous. It extends from my neck way down my arm, feels like those sweaters from the 1980’s with the shoulder pads? What a great design!. On the body of the sling, the padding on the rails is so nice and fluffy, it creates a great seat for my son.

The fabric on this one is just gorgeous, isn’t it? Cute little flowers in pink and blue, perfect for both boys and girls. I’m sure my husband would be happy to wear this one as well!

So I bet you’re wondering what this wonderful baby sling is called and where you can get your own?


Here at Sprout Soup we don’t care much for these kinds of slings. I sometimes refer to them as ‘padded monstrosities’ because they’re so thick and bulky. Certainly not a good sling for the summer months ahead. They tend to be uncomfortable on petite mamas and don’t adjust extremely well because of all the padding in the body of the sling, and the closed tail can make it hard to get the individual sides adjusted independently. Looking for a really great baby sling? Check out the ring slings at

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