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Bisphenol A (BPA) Free Thermos Foogos are Here

Posted by Sprout Soup on

I was talking with some friends today while at work and someone brought up a story that they had heard on NPR (listen here) about how unsafe BPA is and how it is found in baby bottles, sippy cups, etc. Alissa had heard of this a while back and we have slowly been getting rid of the unsefe plastic in our house and we also had ordered items for the store.

Well I got home to a pile of Thermos Foogo Sippy cups

Pile of Thermos Foogo Sippy Cups

Thermos Foogo Sippy with Handles

Foogo Sippy with Handles

Thermos Foogo Sippy without Handles

Thermos Foogo Sippy

Thermos Foogo Snack Cup

Thermos Foogo Snack Cup

Foogo Sippy Cups

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