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The Many Uses of Moby Wraps

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Here at Sprout Soup we love the Moby Wrap. It’s our number one recommendation for expecting parents. The basic Moby is a workhorse carrier, with its soft and stretchy fabric, it’s like wearing your little one in your favorite t-shirt. The Moby Wrap is great for newborns and infants because it can do both a cradle carry and an upright position. The upright position is preferred by many babies, especially those with reflux.

Some will say that the Moby Wrap has a short usefulness time frame. I can’t disagree, the stretchy wrap, while working in the favor of new babywearers, can become a problem when the child reaches 20-25 pounds. The Moby D with a woven or silk panel can help give a little extra support and extend the wear-ability of this carrier, but even so, the basic Moby Wrap is invaluable in the early months.

Everything Baby Show Booth Front ViewThis past weekend we attended the Everything Baby Show in Cincinnati. We had such a great time sharing our passions with new and expecting parents. Of course the Moby Wrap was a big seller, but we also found some new and creative uses for the wrap that we thought would be fun to share.

First, check out our display, I was quite pleased with the outcome. We had a great location and I had so much fun planning for and setting up our booth. Making the trip from Columbus to Cincinnati for the show wasn’t easy, and we of course forgot some things and didn’t completely think through others. The Moby Wrap came to our rescue! So we present the many uses of the Moby Wrap.

Moby Wrap BabyIn packing for our trip, I remembered my weighted dolls that I use for demonstration (you’ll see one of them later, they are gorgeous Waldorf-style dolls created by a good friend of mine who also makes adorable childrens clothing at , but I forgot the dolls I usually place in the demo carriers on my mannequins.

This mannequin is sporting a Moby D in Green Silk and Black. But just a Moby Wrap looks a little strange, so I put a Moby in it’s package inside the wrap. Worked perfectly!In this picture the Moss Green Moby is peeking out a bit so you can see it, although during the show it was down a little further, and the mannequin looked like it was wearing a new little babe. A great benefit was having the tag hang out over the top so customers could see right away that the mannequin was wearing a Moby Wrap.

If you’re the proud owner of a Moby Wrap, you may have noticed that a Moby in it’s fabric bag is pretty heavy. About 2 pounds. Of course it doesn’t feel that heavy when wrapped around you, but its packaged weight came in handy this weekend.

While putting the merchandise in our booth we noticed that our display racks were starting to lean a little bit. We’d planned our arrangement different than we had ever done before. It worked great in our space, but obviously was a little unbalanced. It needed some counter-weight. Our extra Moby Wraps were just the thing.

Moby Wraps as dead weightIt’s probably hard to tell from the photo at left, but we used an extra basket and the Moby Wraps that weren’t on display to hold down the back of our racks.This photo was actually taken near the end of the show, our stack of extra Moby’s was much larger when we started, in fact the ZoloWear Slings you see at the bottom of the photo are in a large tub we used to stop the Moby Wrap avalanche that would have occured with so many stacked upon each other like that. :)

And of course we were quite thrilled to bring home quite a few less of those 2 pound packages than what we came with!

And finally, on the last day of the show I switched things up and took the Pikkolo off one of the mannequins and replaced it with a Karma Baby pouch. The Pikkolo was quite a hot item as well, and it was a bit of a pain to keep taking it off the display so that people could try it on.

Karma Baby pouch on MannequinThe trouble was, however, that the Karma Baby Pouch I had was a bit too big for the less than life-like mannequins. The pouch was pretty saggy, and while the general public probably wouldn’t have noticed, I didn’t want to promote unsafe babywearing or the improper use of fitted pouches.

Once again a Moby Wrap came to my rescue! I stuck a packaged wrap behind the pouch, pulling it in on the mannequin and bringing it up to a more natural position. If you looked at the display from the side it was a little strange-looking, but fortunately our display of shoes and leg warmers was much more interesting than the back of our mannequin.And there’s one of our beloved weighted Waldorf dolls in the pouch. An added benefit of using the Moby behind the pouch was that it helped even out the mannequin and keep her from toppling forward if someone brushed up against her.

Here’s a photo from underneath, showing the wrap in action:
Moby Wrap and Karma Baby pouch

I hope you enjoyed our creative uses for the Moby Wrap. It’s such a wonderful carrier and we’re so pleased to be able to offer it at Sprout Soup.

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