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Beco Butterfly Baby Carriers In Stock

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More Beco Butterfly Carriers are on their way to Sprout Soup! Here is a run down of the patterns that are now in stock. View our Beco Butterfly Baby Carrier page for photos of the fabrics in use and to purchase your carrier. $4 flat rate shipping inside the USA.

Beco Butterfly Ethan Ethan is a carry over from the April lineup. This one is a gorgeous yellow orange color, bright and sunny for summer! The honeycomb print is medium to large, with only a few bees showing up on each carrier. This one looks stunning on brown straps. Comes with removable brown hood.

Beco Butterfly Emma Emma is a brand new print, with a trendy pear print on brown. This print is large, so check out the model pictures on our Beco Butterfly page to get a perspective of how it will look on your carrier. This one is really sweet, and I love it because it’s great for both boys and girls, and I know there are lots of fathers out there who love the Beco Butterfly carrier!

Beco Butterfly Chloe Chloe is one of those that doesn’t quite look as good in the swatch as it does on the carrier. In person this one is just delightful! I love the mod dots, and chocolate brown and pink are a winning combination. Once again, the dots are large, much more mod than polka dot.

Beco Butterfly Olivia The Beco Butterfly in Olivia is quite elegant. Long vine-like lines with smaller flower-dots on a background of lush brown. This popular print is sold out, we have more arriving in May, please use our contact form to contact us if you’d like to be placed on the list to receive one of them.

Beco Butterfly Carnival Carnival is back! This popular print debuted on the Beco Butterfly in January. It’s return has already been well received! The brown background with funky mod florals in pinks, orange, green and yellow. It’s fun, it’s flirty, it’s Carnival. Carnival is sold out now, we expect more at the end of the month. If you would like to claim yours now, use the contact form on our site to get your name on the list.

Beco Butterfly Aubrey Aubrey is taking the lead as the new favorite. The print on this one is large, the trees cover much of the carrier, with smaller flowers thrown in. The background is smooth white, green trees and red flowers. Lovely!

Beco Butterfly Isabella

Metro Black Beco Butterfly Looking for a solid that goes with everything? Try the Metro Black Beco Butterfly. A sleek and solid choice. Everything on this carrier is black, the buckles, the straps, the hood, but it’s definitely not plain!

Beco Butterfly Espresso Want a solid carrier with a little bit of flair? Then the Espresso is the one for you. Solid brown, just like a nicely brewed Espresso, or maybe some yummy chocolate! The Beco Butterfly Espresso will match everything, looks great with khakis or board shorts!

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