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Keeping Kids Entertained on Vacation

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Summer is here, or at least summer weather has arrived. Here in Ohio we’ve hit 90 the past few days. It’s HOT. So with the sun and warm weather our thoughts start turning toward getting away. Time to take a family vacation!

Getting away is grand! Seeing the sights, playing with your kids all day, a temporary hiatus from your responsibilities. Sometimes, though, getting to your destination can cause stress and dampen the excitement. Here’s a couple ideas of games to play in the car or on a plane that can help keep your children occupied and looking forward to the trip.

Children ages 4 and up will enjoy keeping a scrapbook of their trip. While the younger ones may not have the ability to keep the book organized or neat, they will still enjoy making a book all their own. We found a small photo book with blank pages for our son to use on a trip we took last year. We gave it to him at the airport and explained what it was for. I also packed glue, safety scissors and colored pencils for him to use. He had a great time searching for things to add to his book, like pamphlets from the places we saw, ticket stubs and fliers. In the evening we helped him write down what he remembered from the places we visited.

Pack your bags with fun things to do in the car or on the plane. Older kids will enjoy writing and coloring, doing activity books or reading. Younger children might need something a bit more entertaining, but if traveling by plane, realize your fellow travelers may not appreciate noisy toys.

Colorback Turtle Magnetic MazeMagnetic mazes are great for kids over 2. The Colorback Sea Turtle Magnetic Maze from HaPe has multiple uses for kids of all ages.

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