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The Safe Sippy is In Stock

Posted by Sprout Soup on

After an almost six month wait, we finally have The Safe Sippy in-stock at

The Safe Sippy BlueWith a newly redesigned spout, valve and top, the Safe Sippy is back and better than ever. The valve now is larger and shaped for easy insertion and removal. The spout is still straw shaped, but easier for children to use. The top threads directly on to the stainless steel, with the plastic top covering and protecting the lip of the cup from dings and damage.

The Safe Sippy is a cup that will grow with your child. With it’s straw-shaped spout it encourages good muscular development in your child’s mouth, plus the cup does not look too ‘babyish’ for those cool big kids. ? The cup handles are removable, so little ones can easily grab and later on the handles can be removed.

Grab your Safe Sippy today, in pink, blue or green. Clean in, clean out.

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