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BPA-Free Products on NBC4 in Columbus

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This morning I was interviewed by Ellie Merritt of NBC4 in Columbus. She asked if she could come to the house and see where we run Sprout Soup and talk about the BPA-free products we have available.

The story will air this afternoon, on First at Four. If you have come looking for the products shown, check out our Safe Feeding Category, or for Kleen Kanteen and Sigg Bottles as well as great BPA-free products for adults, turn to Baying Hound.

Wondering if you should make the switch to BPA-free products for your child? Here’s a couple rules of thumb. First, plastics labeled 1, 2 and 5 are the safest plastic. Turn the cup or bowl over and look for the number inside the recycling symbol. Sometimes the symbol will have letters beneath it. The letters “PP” stand for poly-propylene. This is one of the more stable and safe plastics. The letters “PC” stand for poly-carbonate. This plastic is known to have bisphenol-A and should be avoided.

If your plastic isn’t marked, you can learn some things about it just by look and feel. Softer plastics often have phthalates which should also be avoided. However some soft plastics are thermoplastic elastomer, like in our Foogo Sippy Cups, or silicone, like the valve in our Safe Sippy. Poly-carbonate plastic is often used to make plastic look like glass. So clear, glass-like plastic cups could be made from the harmful PC plastic. Look for plastics that are hard, solid and opaque, and choose sippy cups and food containers that either use no plastic or do not allow the food or drink to sit in plastic, instead they have glass or metal reservoirs with plastic tops.

Bambu Mini Me Bowl in Cayenne with Bambu Kids UtensilsRemember food and drink should never be heated in plastic, and hot foods and drinks should not be transferred into plastic containers. The longer food or drink is exposed to harmful plastics, the more chance there is of chemicals like BPA leaching into the food and drink and then being consumed by your child. Feel free to give us a call if you have questions about BPA or any of the products we carry.

We have listed the gorgeous and completely BPA (and plastic!) free Bambu Mini Me Bowls. Currently we only have the cayenne color available, but hope to have more in August.

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