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BPA The Real Deal

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So I watched the segment on NBC 4 about BPA-free products, of course. Overall I was pleased with the exposure.

But… during the segment Ellie also spoke with Dr. Terry Barber with the Columbus Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is what he had to say in regards to the chemical Bisphenol-A:

“The scientific community has absolutely no concern… There isn’t any evidence for me to say it is unsafe to buy the BPA products.”

If there isn’t a concern, why are retailers pulling products made from poly-carbonates off of their shelves? Why has Canada restricted the import of any plastics that contain BPA?

BPA may not be a concern to the scientific community in small doses. But it is a concern for your children. Especially babies who might be exposed to BPA in baby bottles many times a day, children who use sippy cups made from poly-carbonate plastics day after day, and even for adults who drink water from the ever-popular disposable water bottle. One drink from a poly-carbonate cup won’t kill you, but studies of BPA have shown neural and behavioral effects have been seen in infants and children. See the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences FAQ on BPA and the testimony of Norris Alderson, Ph. D. from the BPA task force.

For this reason parents are turning to BPA free products, like our Green to Grow BPA-free Baby Bottles and stainless steel sippy cups.

As a parent, what to put your baby’s food in is your decision, but since there are so many BPA-free products available, it’s certainly worth it to switch.

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