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Scary Things Kids Do

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My youngest son is a bit over 2. He follows oder brother (almost 5) around and of course thinks he can do everything older brother can do. Older brother is very into climbing trees. He’s climbed some at a park we go to and gone quite high. However he complains about the trees in our yard. We have mostly mature trees that aren’t good for climbing because there are no limbs close to the ground. There is one tree in the front yard near the driveway that he climbs, it has 2 or 3 trunks coming out from the bottom so he can wedge himself between them and climb up.

This morning Older Brother was climbing the tree and Youngest Son of course followed. Somehow Youngest Son got up in the tree a bit, then slipped and one of his chubby legs got caught between the two trunks of the tree! He was stuck!

I didn’t know what to do, poor kid was hysterical and I couldn’t get his leg to budge. :( Fortunately he did finally get free and he is fine now. Even asking to go back outside.

I was scared, images of having to call the Fire Department racing through my mind, but it all turned out okay. So what scary things have your kids done? What makes your heart drop?

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