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A Lovely Summer Weekend

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I always get a bit nostalgic as mid-August comes and I realize the warm summer days are slipping by and soon it will be fall. I’m trying to squeeze out every last bit of summer, and this weekend was just the start!

On Friday I planned our first ever Open Stock Room Event and it was a huge success! I had so much fun and know that those who attended did, too! We were busy non-stop from right before noon until well after 5pm. It was wonderful! Mamas and babies trying out new carriers and lots of shopping fun. :) We’ll do it again in a couple months.
Baby Legs and Organic Clothes Bambu and Mimi

A wall of baby carriers

On Saturday we did a lot of work outside, cleaning up the yard and the porch. We discovered a bumble bee nest in the ground, unfortunately because it stung Youngest Son. The bees were everywhere in the backyard, and as dusk approached they just kept coming. I think it was a relatively new hive as we play back there all the time and haven’t noticed them. Well not knowing what to do with the hive, since we needed to keep the kids safe, TRG remembered hearing that the hive should be torched. So yeah, we lit our backyard on fire. Did I mention we haven’t gotten much more than a few drops of rain in probably a month?

So as the ground lit up I could see how cavernous this hive was. It was huge. Now reading on Wikipedia it sounds like these bees usually take over holes dug by other animals, and we do have, or had, a mole living back there. Not sure we really exterminated them, we saw probably a dozen more bees the next day. But they didn’t bother our bonfire and cookout, which was the big event Sunday night, so we must have made some kind of impression.

And last, what perfect summer weekend is complete without a bonfire, grilling marshmallows, grilling out and watching a dozen kids run around the yard together.

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