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Boo to the FDA on BPA

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There’s toxins all around us, true. The air we breathe, the water we drink, there’s no way we can completely eliminate them from our lives and homes. But does that mean we shouldn’t try? Does that mean we should just throw in the towel and let companies keep giving us products that aren’t thoroughly researched and filled with chemicals that can potentially affect us and our children?

I don’t think so! Even if Bisphenol-A (BPA) isn’t that bad for us and our children, or even if we’re really only being exposed to it in very small doses (which I don’t think is the case, see below), should we really continue to ingest it, or let our kids ingest it, without concern? It’s been shown affect hormones, including early onset of puberty, decreased sperm count and preliminary ties have been made to breast cancer. Now we can add heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes to that list. BPA prevents the release of a hormone that works to prevent those diseases. Even if BPA levels in plastics are low, I’m not interested in taking a chance, especially when it comes to my children.

The FDA has failed us.

Eco-friendly and BPA-free options are available, why not use them?

Stainless steel water canteens and sippy cups are still a hot item regardless of the FDA’s statements. The benefits of non-leaching stainless steel interiors notwithstanding, these reusable cups are good for the environment. Instead of buying a plastic water bottle when you’re out, grab your reusable container and fill it up before you leave.

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