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I Need to Listen to Myself

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Vegetable StandYesterday I led our Columbus Attachment Parents Meeting. The topic was food and nutrition, one that I take quite a bit of interest in, even though both of my children are very good eaters. There are so many factors that go into helping kids learn good eating habits, though, it’s a long journey, one with many outside factors including grandparents, culture and the always changing nutrition research.

Much of what we discussed I took from Dr. Sears’ ABC’s of Nutrition. There’s a lot of great information on that page covering many different concerns and challenges when it comes to feeding our kids.

One of the things we discussed is how to head-off the crankies with food. No, this isn’t teach your kid to drown their sorrows in chocolate cake! We all have those times of day when our kids get fussy, whiny, or otherwise unreasonable. Did you know that many times this could be related to hunger? Making sure your child gets a good snack, something with protein, regulates blood sugar levels which in turn can prevent mood swings and the dreaded whiny-ness.

This is something that I need to make sure I remember! Sometimes I don’t realize that my kids haven’t had a good snack until they’re cranky or fighting with each other.

Here’s some good snack tips from Pauline Lupercio at

If you have it in the house, it is going to get eaten. Well, that’s at least true for snacks like chips, cookies, and other unhealthy options.

“If you keep candy bars and fruit in the home, most children are going to pick the candy bar,” Kraus says. “So just keep it out of the house.”

Instead of pre-packaged sugar and empty calories, kids can snack healthy with:

* Combinations of lean protein with a high fiber carbohydrate, like string cheese or peanut butter with whole grain crackers.
* Homemade smoothies with yogurt and whole fruit.

What kinds of snacks do you and your kids like?

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