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Thermos Updates Foogo Packaging to a More Eco-Friendly Design

Posted by Sprout Soup on

New Eco-Friendly Foogo PackagingWe’ve received a new shipment of the popular Foogo Sippy Cups and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they have updated their packaging! The old Foogo packaging was a plastic clam shell like you would find electronic equipment packaged in. It was hard to open, hard for us to store on our stockroom shelves, and created a lot of waste. The new design is much more eco-friendly, a simple cardboard sleeve that can be recycled. I’m happy to see Thermos (the company who manufactures Foogo products) making simple changes like these to help our environment. I’m sure our customers will be pleased as well.

The new package also proudly announces that the Foogo is BPA-free.

With this shipment our stock of the Blue Foogo Cups has been replenished. They had been out of stock since the beginning of the summer. We still have a few pink cups in the clam shell packaging in stock, but expect to have more pink in the new packages soon.

Foogo Food Cups are still packaged in plastic. Could they be next for an eco-friendly makeover?

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