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Introducing the Sprout Soup Bag Club

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Sprout Soup Chico BagsWe fell in love with the Chico Bag style of reusable bags. The ingenious design makes the bag easy to bring with you, and of course that’s the point! A generously-sized shopping bag made from durable nylon, easily packs into a smaller bag sewn into the inside of the larger bag, and a smartly-placed clip makes it easy to attach to your purse or bag so your Chico Bag is always with you.

We’re taking the great features of the Chico Bag one step further for our Sprout Soup customers. We had Chico Bags create the Sprout Soup Bag, the same great bag, now with the Sprout Soup logo! It comes in three colors: purple, green and mango. Pick one up at the store for $6.95 or order online. But we’re going to sweeten the deal! Not only do you get an awesome, packable, unforgettable reusable shopping bag, but every time you bring it in to Sprout Soup, we’ll give you $1 off!

Chico Shopping BagIt’s our way of saying thanks for helping us all kick the single-use bag habit. We love it when our customers bring their own bag to the store. Or if they just tuck their purchases into their purse or diaper bag. We even think it’s great if customers just carry their items out of the store (after paying for them, of course ;)). But now you have no excuse for forgetting your reusable bag, and you even have an incentive to bring it back to the store. We’ll be thrilled to see our customers walking out with Sprout Soup Chico Bags brimming with Sprout Soup goodies!

And of course you can use your Chico Bags around town, too! Make sure to let everyone know you got it at Sprout Soup!

Sprout Soup Chico Bags Getting Some SunThe fine print. Each Sprout Soup Chico Bag is $6.95 plus tax. In order to redeem your Sprout Soup Bag Club discount, you must make a purchase of at least $10 before sales tax. Each bag owner is entitled to one discount per day. Your Sprout Soup Chico Bag must be present to redeem. Lost bags will not be replaced, sorry! But clip the bag to your purse or diaper bag so you always have it with you! We reserve the right to cancel the Sprout Soup Bag Club at anytime.

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