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Goodbyn – Oh How I Love Thee!

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Goodbyn came across my email quite suddenly. Being that it was already a week into August I was worried about getting yet another waste-free lunch solution as schools across the country are already starting up. I’m sure the good folks behind the Goodbyn intended to have their lunch box ready before the back to school rush, but the product is certainly unique enough that it stands out, and those stragglers waiting until the last minute to decide how they will pack their child’s lunch are in for a great surprise!

Packing lunches in bento style is becoming very popular because it has a lot of benefits. First, it’s easy to do with little to no waste. You can buy foods in bulk and easily dispense it into smaller portions for your kids. Instead of buying single serve yogurt or applesauce containers, buy a whole quart and fill up a section of their Goodbyn. Add a few frozen berries on top for a special treat! You can also purchase nuts and dried fruits in bulk, make your own ‘Lunchables’ with crackers and cut up cheese. Preparing a lunch this way certainly gets you thinking outside the box and making creative and appetizing meals away from home.

Unlike other bento systems that have separate pieces to make up your child’s lunch, which can easily be misplaced, the Goodbyn is a seamless lunch container with individual sections that completely seal, separating the food, even if the box is tossed inside a backpack.

The Goodbyn is dishwasher safe! No more lunchboxes or bags that get yucky after the first month back to school. No need to worry about a detour through the playground on the way home! Simply place both the lid and box in your dishwasher and you’re ready to pack the next day in a box without dirt in every crevice!

Your child’s Goodbyn lunchbox is easy to tote and store. Hold it by the handle or slip it into a backpack without worry that the packed banana will smoosh into the sandwich. Prop it in a locker or toss it in a cubby. Goodbyn goes where your child goes, keeping lunch fresh and presentable.

The kids favorite part is certainly the 275 stickers that come with the Goodbyn. They can personalize it with their name, create a funny friend by adding a face to the Goodbyn, or just be silly with it.

Goodbyn is earth friendly.Goodbyn appeals to us and fits our goals and missions here at Sprout Soup on many levels. First, they have created a unique product that fills a need in the market. They have chosen safe and FDA-approved plastics for their product. The Goodbyn is made from polypropelene, PP #5, the most stable and safest plastic for food. It is BPA-free, lead-free and phthalate free. Once the Goodbyn has had a long life bringing your child’s meal to school with them, the Goodbyn is recyclable!

The company behind Goodbyn has made some great decisions, too. First, they kept manufacturing in the United States. In times when companies look to save by shipping production overseas, it’s great to see others making a commitment to keeping domestic jobs. Goodbyn is produced in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a factory that is conscious of both ecological and labor ethics. The packaging is made in Washington state from FSC-certified and recycled materials and vegetable-based inks.

I think you will agree that the Goodbyn is pretty cool. In fact I’ve heard quite a few adults remark that they want one for themselves, so it’s not just for kids! Due to overwhelming demand we only have a few on hand until mid-September, so hop on over and buy a Goodbyn for a kid you love.Goodbyn is earth friendly.

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