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Healthy Children, Healthy Planet Begins in January

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Earth Institute CoursesWe are pleased to have partnered with Simply Living and the Northwest Earth Institute to present a special discussion group for parents entitled Healthy Children – Healthy Planet.

This seven-week course will give parents an understanding of how the pervasive effects of advertising, media and our consumer culture can influence a child’s view of the world. Participants will discover ways to create meaningful family times and healthful environments for their children and explore ways to develop a child’s connection to nature. Parents can also learn ways to foster creativity in their child and reduce dependence on technology and media.

Earth Institute classes are led by class participants. Following the guidelines in the class workbook, all class members will contribute to the class. For this reason it is important that those interested in the class register and commit to attend.

We will offer an information session on Wednesday, January 13 at 10:15am for those who are interested in more information about the course. The course will begin on Wednesday, January 27 at 10:15am and continue every Wednesday morning for seven weeks.

If you would like more information about the course, or if you are interested in participating but are unable to attend on Wednesday mornings, please let us know! We’d be happy to schedule another series of classes or provide you with more information about the course. There is a one-time $25 fee for class materials.

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