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GroBaby Sale!

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GroBaby Diapers are on sale for 30% off at!

The GroBaby Cloth Diaper is a hybrid diaper, combining a reusable outer shell with snap-in organic cotton soaker pads. With this system you can save up to $600 diapering your baby, and still have something as easy as an all-in-one! This 30% off sale is huge and we hope you will take advantage of it!

There are lots of rumors going around as to why GroBaby diapers are on sale for such a deep discount. All we can say right now is there are big things coming! The reason we are clearing out our GroBaby stock because on May 5, 2010, all GroBaby and Natural Baby Company products will be rebranded as GroVia. Don’t worry, your GroBaby diapers won’t be outdated, they will still work with the new GroVia system, and when we introduce the new GroVia products on May 12, you can rest assured that your GroBaby shells and inserts will work with all of the great new additions GroVia will offer!

If you’re not already a GroBaby convert, now’s the time to get in! Scoop up a set of GroBaby diapers to give this awesome system a try, and check back with us on May 12 for more information about GroVia!

Please note that the 30% off sale price will show up once you add GroBaby cloth diapers to your cart!

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