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Sun Exposure vs. Sun Lotion

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Are the effects of sun exposure worse than the effects from chemical sunscreens? Some new studies suggest that ingredients in sun screens can increase cancer risks. But excessive sun can cause painful burning, let alone long term skin damage.

So what’s the verdict for you and your baby? Staying inside all summer can’t be an option, and we all know that the sun provides Vitamin D, which is an important nutrient.

The Sun Lotion Option: rates sunscreen products on a ten point scale. A zero rating is the best, meaning the product has no harmful chemicals. ThinkBaby Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 has a rating of 1 on, the best rating given to any sunscreen product. This rating is for the zinc, which is what makes the product effective.

ThinkBaby Sunscreen is a new product, and demand is high so supplies are limited. We are receiving inventory approximately every two weeks. $17.95

The Cover Option:
Completely eliminating all chemicals from your sun protection regiment requires good covering. This is also the only option for babies under six months old who should not use sun lotions.

A good sun hat will have a wide brim to shade the face. Urban Baby Bonnets are extremely cute, but also very practical. The hat sits well on the child’s head, and the front brim is ample sized creating lots of shade over baby’s face. A snap close chin strap keeps the hat in place. Four sizes are available to fit newborns through toddlers. $34.00

FreeHand Baby Carriers manufactures the Ozone, a protective covering for baby that works over baby carriers, car seats and strollers. This mesh-like fabric is cool and breathable, but blocks 95% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. $44.95

Don’t Forget Eye Protection:
A cheap pair of sun glasses can be worse for your baby’s eyes than going without. This is because the darkened lenses cause the eye to open, allowing harmful rays to enter the eye. Only use sun glasses that offer a complete spectrum UVA and UVB blocking, like Baby Banz. $18-27

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