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Beco Gemini Release

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We are constantly getting asked when the Beco Gemini will be released. Beco is doing something right with this release because everyone is so excited!

Unfortunately we are not allowed to post any information on exactly when the Beco Gemini will be released, all I can say right now is it will be SOON!

If you’re aching for some more information about the Gemini, all we can show you is what has already been released by Beco. The advertisement below appeared in Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, and there it is! The long-awaited Beco Gemini in the Paige print! (The Paige Beco Butterfly 2 is one of our most popular, I’m sure the Paige Gemini will follow suit!)

Beco Gemini Advertisement

I know the text on the advertisement is small, so here’s what it says:

Innovative 4 – carry positions baby carrier, which will take you from newborn to toddler in one stylish and comfortable bundle. Made with organic cotton.

From the makers of Award winning product Beco Butterfly 2.

So what is the Beco Gemini going to be like? Well I think it best compares to the Baby Bjorn. I know, I know, the Bjorn tends to be a pariah in the baby carrier world, and it does tend to be an uncomfortable carrier when baby reaches 15 pounds. I’m sure the Beco Gemini will be much more comfortable, and it also has some nice features the Bjorn doesn’t. But lets start with how they are similar.

Like the Baby Bjorn, the Gemini has a padded top that can be flipped up or down depending on the baby’s age or position. If you look in the picture above you can see the two fasteners on the sides of this top, currently in the down position. The base of the Gemini is adjustable to make it narrow or wide. When in its narrow position, the base is like the Bjorn and will accommodate a small newborn or an older infant in the facing-out position. This is where the similarities end, however.

What makes the Gemini more comfortable is the waist belt. Waist belts help transfer the child’s weight to the wearer’s hips. This is helpful, especially when infants turn into toddlers and become heavy! The strain on your back is reduced and you will find it much more comfortable to carry your child.

The Gemini also includes positions that the Bjorn does not. The Gemini can do a back carry when your baby is old enough, and even a hip carry! These options make the carrier much more flexible so you can use it as your child goes through different stages.

To configure into multiple positions, the Gemini shoulder straps can be disconnected. See the buckle at the side in the photo above? When undone the shoulder straps can be configured to cross, perhaps behind you in a front carry for better weight distribution, or when you’re wearing your child on your back you may prefer the straps to be straight in backpack style.

The Gemini sounds great, doesn’t it? And know all you’re asking is when will it be released so I can get one? I really wish I could tell you! It’s so hard to wait. But one smart customer had the great idea to rent a Beco Butterfly 2 from Sprout Soup (3 weeks rental is $25 including shipping both ways), and because the rental fees can be turned into store credit, she’ll be getting a Beco Gemini when they are released! So there’s a way to bridge the gap and make sure you’ve got a carrier to use for now and you’ll be among the first to know when you can trade it in for a Gemini!

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