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Friday Freebies This Summer

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Summer is here and it is hot. It’s my favorite time of year, though. I love the long days, dreams of vacations and beaches, splashing in the pool and drinking cold lemonade!

To celebrate summer at Sprout Soup, we are going to do something fun on our Facebook Fan Page (get over there and become a fan if you aren’t one already). Every Friday from June 25th through September 17th (the last Friday before Summer officially ends) we will post a Friday Freebie. Our freebies will be little things we have extras of here at the store. They might be something for mom, maybe for baby. All brand new, all just looking for a loving home. Most of the time there will only be one, and one winner each week. Sometimes we’ll have more than one, and we’ll make sure to tell you when that happens!

Here’s how to enter: Each Friday after we post the freebie for the day, tag Sprout Soup in a status update and tell us you want the Friday Freebie! You can be creative or silly, or just tell us you want to win! You must name the item in your update. Unsure of how to tag? Here’s a Facebook tagging tutorial. Please note that your Facebook Privacy Settings must have posts set to “Everyone” in order for them to display on the Sprout Soup page. (You just need to change your posts, all other settings can remain private)

A quick example. If the Sprout Soup fan page says “Today’s Friday Freebie is an On Tray shopping cart snack holder!” then you might change your Facebook status to say “Hey @Sprout Soup! I want to win an On Tray!”

The first person to post correctly with a tag to Sprout Soup wins the freebie! It’s that simple.

A couple rules and regulations. The fine print, so to speak. One winner per household per 4 week period. If you won last week, you can’t win again this week, sorry! We will contact the winner to let them know how to claim the prize. If you are local to Sprout Soup, we will hold it at the store for pickup. If you are not local, we can arrange to ship the freebie to you, but you are responsible for shipping costs. No refunds or exchanges. It’s a freebie after all! ?

Have fun and enjoy the summer!

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