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Preparing for the Swap: How to get the best price

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Following a few simple steps will ensure that you get the best return on your investment and will be able to sell a large percentage of your items at the swap.

First, make sure your items are clean. This seems like a no-brainer, but do your best to remove stains and smells. The sun is a great natural whitener! Wash and iron baby carriers. Make your diapers nice and presentable. How your diapers feel will also affect their draw. If your diapers feel sticky or crunchy, make sure there is no detergent build-up by doing a few hot washes and rinses with no detergent. You can fluff dry diapers in the dryer by adding tennis balls or specially designed dryer balls to the load.

Package like items together. If you have six or more similar diapers to sell, consider packaging them together in batches of 2-6 items. This will increase the likelihood that more of your items will sell. This is especially important for prefold diapers, which sell best in lots of 3 or 6. Tie diapers together with string or ribbon, stacked on top of each other so the insides can be inspected without taking the group apart.

If you have the original instructions for your carrier, secure them together with string or package in a clear bag. Original instructions and packaging increase the value of your carrier.

Finally, price reasonably. Even though you paid $20 for that adorable custom all-in-one, don’t expect someone else to pay that after you have used it for six months. Start with 60-70% of the purchase price, then look honestly at your items and deduct for stains and signs of wear. Most baby carriers can fetch 80% of purchase price if they are in good condition.

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