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Carrier Rental Program

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Our Carrier Rental Program is an excellent way to try out a few carriers to see which one will work best for you! Each carrier is $10 for a two-week rental (a few lower-priced carriers like the Moby Wrap and Hotslings are only $5 for two weeks). We suggest you try at least two and up to four carriers, so you can try them side-by-side and determine which you like best.

Here’s how to register and participate in the program:

  • Rental carriers are shipped twice a month, on or around the 1st of each month and on or around the 15th of each month.
  • The carriers that will be available for the next rental shipping period will be listed a week before shipping. So carriers for shipping on the 1st of the month will be listed on the 23rd or 24th of the previous month and carriers for shipping on the 15th will be listed around the 8th.
  • When the carriers become available, you may add them to your shopping cart and check out through the website. Local customers must use the website as well to register for the carriers, but you may choose the ‘Pick Up in Store’ option so that you do not have to pay shipping. You must pay the carrier rental fee when you reserve the carriers! If the rental fee is not paid (ie you choose to pay by check or cash at pickup) the carriers will not be reserved for you and they will be restocked on the website to allow someone else to reserve those carriers.
  • Rental periods start two to three days after shipping, so you will have a full two weeks to test the carriers. If your carriers arrive after the rental start date shown on your rental form, please contact us and we will add to your rental period based on the delivery date of your tracking numbers.
  • Rentals will be sent back via UPS, drop off your pre-paid package off at a UPS location on or before the rental period ending date on your rental form. Local customers must return the rentals to the store on or before the the end date on your rental form.
  • Rentals that are returned late will be charged $2 per carrier per day late fee. Late fees are not refundable.
  • Carrier rental fees are refundable for store credit toward the carrier of your choice. This store credit is good toward carriers only!

Let’s look at an example. On October 9th you decide to rent these carriers:
Beco Butterfly 2 – $10
Beco Gemini – $10
Olives and Applesauce – $10

Your total rental fee is $30. Shipping to you will vary between $6 and $12 depending on your location. Your order will ship to you October 15th and your rental period will begin October 18th. You must mail or return the carriers no later than November 1st. Once the carriers are returned, you will have $30 in store credit to use toward the carrier of your choice!

It’s as easy as that! Still have questions? Check out our Carrier Rental FAQs.

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