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Making the Most of the Holiday Season

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This time of year can evoke a lot of emotions. Sometimes it’s anxiety, sometimes sorrow, hopefully for you it’s all excitement and cheer. But if you’re like many parents you have at least some reservation about the upcoming holidays. Will they throw your kids off their schedule so you’re stuck with cranky monsters? Or maybe you’re worried that it won’t be as magical as when you were a child.
The best way to combat your doubts and fears is with a little planning. Now is the time to do it, before you’re too busy and it all becomes a blur. Here are a few simple ideas that may help.
  1. Write it down. Plan out things you’d like to do with your family and write down what you’ve done. Keep your notes with your Christmas decorations or in another area where you will find it next year. Once you’ve got a good list going, subsequent years may be easier as many of your favorite (or not so favorite) ideas will be there.
  2. Don’t over-schedule. Especially if you are concerned about how your young children will handle holiday festivities, make sure they have some downtime and are able to catch up on sleep or just chill at home. If your festivities with family or friends is at all flexible, find time a week before or a week after Christmas itself. Another way to keep little ones in good spirits is to make sure they are eating well. Goodies always abound at holiday gatherings, but sometimes it’s too exciting to eat. You may need to consciously create a calmer environment for your child to help them get the nutrition they need.
  3. Take it slow. While the tendancy is to rip into all the gifts, especially for the kids, taking time to look at each item, play with it, try it on, can make the experience more enjoyable for both the gift-giver and the gift-recipient. If you’re opening presents with just your immediate family, consider bringing gifts out one at a time so there’s no temptation to jump to the next brightly-wrapped package.

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