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Reusable Bottle Showdown: LifeFactory Glass

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We’re taking a look at some of the popular reusable bottle options at Sprout Soup. If you missed our previous posts, check out our review of the Klean Kanteen and the ThinkSport Insulated Bottle.

LifeFactory Glass Beverage Bottle

LifeFactory Glass Beverage Bottle

Comparing the different options available is the best, and really only way to know that you’re choosing the bottle that will fit your needs. Today we are showcasing another interesting option, one that many might find surprising because it’s glass! All of our other bottles are stainless steel. Here’s what makes the LifeFactory Glass Beverage Bottle stand out.

Stainless steel bottles are great, durable, safe, but one of the problems with it is you can’t see what you’re drinking. Perhaps you don’t see this as a huge issue, and maybe it really isn’t, but imagine this. It’s a hot summer day. You’ve been playing in the park with your kids. You really need a drink, so you saunter over to a picnic table where you’ve stashed your lunch and reusable water bottle. Would you rather take a swig from a simple stainless steel bottle or a glass bottle filled with cold water, with ice and lemon slices floating inside. Doesn’t it seem much more refreshing when you can see the wonderful beverage you’ve filled your glass bottle with? You could even brew a small portion of sun tea right in your LifeFactory beverage bottle.

So of course the flip side to glass is it’s breakable. LifeFactory has taken that into account a few ways (and don’t forget that your stainless bottles are prone to denting). First, the glass is tempered, a process by which the glass is made stronger and resilient to most minor injury. Second, the glass is thick, especially at the bottom. And finally, the glass is covered with a silicone sleeve that also protects it and holds it intact. By the way, those silicone sleeves are another plus, these bottles are totally cute and come in great colors!

LifeFactory Glass BottlesLifeFactory Beverage Bottles come in two sizes: 16 ounces and 22 ounces. They both have a contoured shape, making them easy to grasp around the middle, and a small enough footprint that they will fit in most cup holders. The bottles come complete with a Polypropylene (plastic #5, the safest for beverages) top with a large loop for easy carrying or clipping to a bag. The top also has a silicone seal, keeping these bottles secure and leak-free.

The twist-off loop top is the only option for these bottles, so you do have to expose your beverage to a bit of plastic at the top, and you do need to unscrew and drink straight from the wide mouth of the bottle. It is wide enough to drop ice cubes in.

Probably the biggest realized benefit to switching to a glass reusable bottle is in the taste department. Glass does not impart any extra flavors to your beverage. Drinking essential oils has become popular recently, and some oils can react with metals or pull chemicals from plastic, so glass is certainly the way to go if you intend to add elements to your beverage. While most say stainless steel doesn’t change the flavor of beverages, glass is definitely a more palatable material to put your mouth on.

While the durability of the glass bottles may be questionable (you might need to be especially careful with them when they’re full), the LifeFactory Beverage bottles would be an excellent way to transport water in your car in the warmer months, the glass should not be harmed at all by extreme hot temperatures. Take care in cold temperatures, because freezing liquid can cause glass to break, but it can also cause stainless steel to dent. And if you’re interested in a refreshing look, or adding lemon, essential oil or other items to your water, glass is certainly the safest way to go.

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