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Giving Back This Holiday

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Giving Back 2010As November turns into December, I start to think about how fortunate I am, how fortunate my family is and how blessed I am. Even though we don’t have a lot by many American standards, we have so much when I consider our wonderful extended family, supportive friends and neighbors. It is that full heart that leads me to give back, especially for Christmas.

There are a few ways Sprout Soup will be giving back this month in conjunction with a couple upcoming events.

On Saturday, December 4, presents HolidayVille, an event aimed at shopping local this holiday and giving back to the community. In conjunction with that we will be raising funds and donating items to the Clintonville Resource Center (CRC). You can help us out by making a donation at Sprout Soup on Saturday. Take one of the mittens we have strung by the check-out counter and either purchase the item listed or make a donation in the amount suggested. Here are the recommended options:

  • $1 – Donate a Can of Food
  • $5 – Donate a Pair of Socks
  • $10 – Donate a Toy
  • $20 – Donate a Gift Card
  • $50 – Donate a Coat

These are just suggestions and an either-or proposition. Either take the mitten and your donation to the CRC or give the corresponding amount as a donation. (And Sprout Soup can take those for you on Saturday, or you can do it yourself.)

As an added incentive Sprout Soup will double your donation if you purchase the donation item at our store, for all but the $1 option (since Sprout Soup doesn’t sell canned food ;)). So purchase a toy for the CRC at Sprout Soup and Sprout Soup will donate a toy! Double the benefit for our local community resource center.

And then for two days the following week, on Monday and Tuesday, December 6 and 7, Sprout Soup will partner with the local community to support School For Young Children, the preschool at the UU Church on North High Street. SYC is a staple in our community, I know there are adults who look back fondly on their time at SYC and are thrilled to be able to send their children there as well. Many SYC parents are among our best customers, so this is a chance to get some Christmas shopping done and help your favorite school out in the process.

15% of all profits from Monday and Tuesday will be donated to SYC! Come on in and shop, buy gifts for the parents and kids in your life. When you come in, please let us know that you’re an SYC parent, grandparent or friend!

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