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Sprout Scoop March – Spring Cleaning Sale

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Spring Cleaning Sale Sprout Soup

March 2011

Spring Cleaning Sale

In this issue:
  1. Spring Cleaning Sale
  2. Wool Dryer Balls
  3. March Events
  4. March Classes
  5. Think Green
  6. Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
March 1-13

With sunny days and spring in the air our thoughts turn to cleaning up after the long (and messy) winter. It’s no different at Sprout Soup! We’ve one through and cleaned up and cleaned out, and you can reap the benefits!We have items that are discontinued or out of season on sale, with savings up to 90% off!Diaper bags from $39.95

Baby Carriers from $19.95

Shoes, outerwear and clothing 50-80% off regular prices.

Cloth diapers from 40% off, some are buy one, get one 50% off!

Come on in and check out or Spring Cleaning rack and cash in on a great deal!.

Beco Butterfly and Beco Gemini on Sale

Our bestselling Beco Butterfly Carrier is also on sale this month!
Beco Butterfly Aiden Sale Beco Butterfly Sale Lauren Beco Butterfly Sale Lucas Beco Butterfly Sale Natalie

Select prints, including Aiden, Lauren, Lucas and Natalie are marked down to $119. Natalie and Lucas Beco Gemini Carriers are $109!

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

Baby Bear Dryer Balls are made with the highest quality 100% wool (organic wool when possible). They are a great replacement to plastic dryer balls, which are often made of carcinogenic PVC.

  • Use 4-6 to optimize your dry time
  • Using these will also decrease, but not eliminate, your static cling
  • Fluff up clothes without using a dryer sheet!
  • 100% Wool
  • Approximately 10 inches in circumference

Made in the USA! $7.00 each undyed/$8.00 each colors

Weekly Events

Activities are open to everyone and FREE!

Fun on Friday
Fridays 10:30am
Stop by for some play time and socialize with other moms!

Fun on Friday
Fridays 11am-1pm
Crafty Tuesday is now fun on Fridays! Each week we will have a new craft project available, geared toward ages 2-6. Stop in anytime to do the craft in 10-20 minutes.

March 4 – Spring Weather!
Join us as we talk about unpredictable spring weather, read a book about wind and make a fully functional kite to fly!

March 11 – St. Patrick’s Day Craft and Celebration
Celebrate the Irish! We’ll have traditional Irish dance music, share a few snacks (green ones, of course!) and make a St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

March 18 – In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb
Why do people say this about March? Join us to find out! We’ll read a book, talk about opposites and make a fun lion (or lamb) craft to take home.

Monthly Events

Activities listed here are FREE and open to all.

La Leche League Toddler & Tandem
Second Thursday 6:30pm – March 10
This group is open to everyone and focuses on mothers who are nursing toddlers and/or nursing more than one child. Contact Helen for info 740-485-2864

March Classes

Pad Party
Saturday, March 5, 2-3:00p
This event is a chance for women to come and learn more about using cloth or alternative methods to deal with the monthly flow.

Cloth Diapers 101
Sunday, March 13, 2-3:00p or
Saturday, March 19, 10:30-11:30a
$10 per family – registration required.
Thinking about using cloth diapers on your little one? This is an overview of different types of cloth diapers, use and care.

Baby Carriers
Sunday, March 13, 3-3:30p
Immediately following the cloth diapers presentation, we will talk about baby carriers, including how and why to use them.

Online Events Calendar

Think Green . . . Diapering

There are so many options today for a greener diaper, but are cloth diapers really better for the environment? The Real Diaper Association estimates that 27.4 Billion disposables are used each year in the US alone. Cloth diapers will hold up to 75-200 washes or more. Recycling diapers just seems to make sense.

[read more on the Peaceful Sprout Blog ]

New Bummis Whisper Wrap Prints

The Super Whisper Wrap combines extreme functionality and the latest in cloth diapering technology with fun and colorful prints. And this premium but affordable cloth diapering product not only looks marvellous, but also has a remarkably good fit on most babies.

It features a durable waterproof layer concealed within 2 layers of ultra soft polyester fabric so that no laminate touches your baby’s skin. Although this marvellous fabric is waterproof and will stand up to the rigors of industrial washing, it is comfortable for baby – and much more breathable than plastic or vinyl.

Thank you for your support!Noah and Alissa DeRouchie

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