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Customer Review: Thirsties Pre-Wash vs. Rockin' Green Funk Rock

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Customer Reviews

Danielle tried Thirsties Pre-Wash and Rockin’ Green Funk Rock and sized them up on her diaper stinkies. Here’s what she had to say.

I needed something to help with the stinkies in most of my diapers, some of them were getting pretty bad after one nights’ use and others were just beginning to have problems with stinks, and not looking as new. I split my loads in half since I have 2 kids worth of diapers, I felt that splitting them would give me the best results. And also was able to try out the Thirsties Pre-Wash for the first load and and Funk Rock for the second load.

Thirsties Pre-Wash

Thirsties Pre-WashI came home and starting using this right away (the easy-measure dispenser was interesting, and I’m easily amused). The first load I did was all inserts, they are what needed it the most! I used the recommended 1/2 ounce but instead of doing them in cold I did hot (since they were already clean and I was doing a soak). I let them soak for about an hour and then did two rinses, followed by a hot rinse to make sure there were no suds.

I am PROUD to say that the stinkies are GONE! I love how easy it is to dispense with their own measuring area on the bottle, its like a two-in-one! I will be purchasing this again and would recommend it to others, too! The price is $15.95 for 32 ounces/64 loads. I thought it was a little high, but for as many washes it will do and the job it did, I think it is worth it.

Rockin’ Green Funk Rock

A couple days later I got out my second load of inserts. I will admit, most but not all of these are ones that I only use as doublers at night or for longer period of time when we are out and about. Still a lot were as bad as the first load and most have the older look to them from being used for so long.

Funk Rock

I followed the directions on the Funk Rock package and used 4 tbs (using my handy green Rockin’ Green scoop) and again since they were already clean I used hot water to soak in, I soaked for a hour, rinsed 2 times and then a hot rinse to check for suds, and another rinse since there was signs of a little soap left. (Not much at all though, if I wasn’t looking hard, I wouldnt have noticed the little bit that I did see.) I was still having some stink issues with these though. I noticed it when I was getting them out of the dryer, so I put them back in the washer and rinsed with hot water another 2 times, and still the same thing.

I would recommend this to someone who has tried the Thirsties Pre Wash and did not have success, because there is a product for everyone and not everything works for everyone. But for me $12.95 for this small bag that I will not get as much use out of compared to the Thirsties is not worth it for me and I probably wont try it again unless they make a change. I do LOVE their detergent though, so I am bummed about the Funk Rock :(

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