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Beco Cool on Sale

It's HOT outside! Let's cool down with some of our favorites on SALE!

Starting with Beco Baby Carriers. They're top of the line when it comes to quality carriers, something you just have to feel to understand. There's no corner-cutting here. The Beco Cool carriers have 3D mesh front panels for airflow, perfect for the summer months ahead! Available in Toddler Cool and Gemini Cool

We also have a few remaining Beco Soleil Carriers, including Spot On, Sloths and Gotham. The Beco Soleil has been discontinued, sadly, as it is our favorite for children ages 4 months to 2 years. Earlier this year Beco was purchased by Boba. Boba decided to continue selling their 4G carrier and do away with the Soleil, which is a huge shame as the Soleil is a much better carrier with its crossable straps.

All Beco carriers and accessories (teething pads and the Gemini Bib) are an additional 15% off the prices marked. Use coupon code BECOSALE.

Boba 4GAnd speaking of Boba, we have all of the 4G Carriers on Clearance! Compare the 4G and the Soleil yourself and see which comes out on top. With the 4G you do get lots of extra goodies, like the included infant pillow and the dual buckles. Some people really appreciate this as you can always pull in the direction that is most comfortable for you whether baby is on your front or back.

Moving on to WOOL!

Wool is given a bad rap in summer. People think of it as hot and therefor not a good option when it's hot outside. But they're oh so wrong. Wool is wonderful in the summer months because it is breathable. Your child will stay comfortable in a wool cover without the heat being trapped inside, and our Recycled Wool Shorties are perfect over a prefold or fitted diaper as a one-piece diaper cover and shorts. 

For overnight, try a Loveybums O-Wool Cover or a Sloomb Wool Cover. Even in summer heat your baby will be comfortable and dry all night. Pick up a few Wool Liners for extra absorbency you can add anywhere, and don't forget your Unicorn Fibre Wash for keeping all your woolies in tip top shape!

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