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Which Prefolds Should I Buy?

Posted by Alissa DeRouchie on

If you've visited us at Sprout Soup, I'm sure you've heard us rant about "one size" diapers and how they really aren't. We much prefer the two-size systems at Sprout Soup, you get a better fit and better leak protection, plus you can start with cloth diapers right away instead of having to wait for your little one to grow into them. There's a blog post coming on that soon, but today we're discussing prefolds because most prefolds are still sized by old conventions which can be confusing to the new cloth diaper user.

To make matters even more confusing, we offer two different styles of prefolds: Better Fit and Standard Sizing. The Better Fit prefolds are designed to fit folded in thirds inside a diaper cover. Standard Sizing prefolds are better for using pins or Snappi Fasteners.

So which one should you choose? Some of our clients have used both, creating a perfect fit throughout their child's diapering days. But there are benefits and drawbacks to both. Here's our pros and cons list for the Better Fit and Standard Fit Prefolds:

  Pros Cons
Better Fit
  • Less Bulk (a shorter diaper means less material)
  • Easy to Trifold (fits inside a cover perfectly)
  • Less expensive (less material, less cost)
  • Infant size Better Fit works well on most newborns
  • Less Absorbent (due to less material)
  • Using a Snappi can be difficult, best to size up if you like to Snappi
Standard Sizing
  • Made for pins or Snappis
  • More absorbent
  • Can be bulky, especially on newborns
  • A little more expensive

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