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IBW 2016 @ SS

Posted by Alissa DeRouchie on

International Babywearing Week at Sprout Soup

International Babywearing Week (IBW) begins Wednesday, October 5! Created by Babywearing International, this week-long celebration focuses on education and advocacy of babyweaing, a practice that has benefits for both caregiver and child.

100% of human babies spend their first nine months of life in constant contact with another human body, their mother! The transition to the world can be jarring, but babywearing brings back the snug feeling, warmth and calming motion newborns are used to. For the parent, babywearing can be freeing. The ability to simply make a sandwich for themselves in the first weeks can boost confidence and calm the nerves of a new parent. Some studies point towards babywearing as a deterrent to postpartum depression as well. 

If you're interested in learning more about wearing your child, or if your group or organization would welcome a presentation on babywearing and its benefits, please contact us! We are happy to travel throughout Franklin County and to portions of Delaware, Union and Madison Counties.

Celebrations at Sprout Soup for IBW 2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 - International Babywearing Week kickoff! Check our website to participate in Where's Wrapsody online or come into the store to find the hidden Wrapsody doll for additional entries into the contest! Sprout Soup is open 11am to 2pm on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, the first class in a daytime Wrap School begins at 11am. Wrap School is our 7 week course designed to give your wrapping skills a boost! Whether you are brand new to wrapping or you just want to improve, this class is for you! We break down the skills and carries into manageable chunks so you can walk away confident and able to execute any carry you come across! The first week of Wrap School we focus on the traditional carry, slip knots and no sew ring slings. As a special for IBW, Wrap School participants who sign up for 3 classes or more prior to the end of International Babywearing Week will receive a set of Sling Rings!

Attendees to Wrap School or those who come in the shop on Wednesday can register to win our IBW prize packs! (details below)

Friday, October 7, 2016 - IBW Fit Clinic from 10:30am to 1pm. This free event has 5 or 20 minute time slots for you to get a fit check on any carrier you already own. Need some help with a ring sling or want to get your Tula more comfortable? This is a great time to see how comfortable babywearing can be! We suggest the shorter 5 minute Tune Up for those of you who are already using a carrier but want a little extra help getting it comfortable. The 20 minute Carrier Update is perfect for those brand new to their carrier or who want to learn a new position that is supported by the carrier. More information about this event is available on the Facebook IBW Fit Clinic event, or if you aren't on Facebook you can register for a time slot here: 
it Clinic participants can register to win our IBW prize packs!

Saturday, October 8, 2016 - Sprout Soup store hours 10am to 2pm Stop on in to find the Wrapsody doll and register to win our IBW prize packs (details below).

Monday, October 10, 2016 - Sprout Soup store hours 11am to 2pm Stop in to find the Wrapsody doll and register to win IBW prize packs!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - IBW technically ends on Tuesday, but since we have another Wrap School on Wednesday at 11am we'll extend our celebration so there's one more opportunity to get registered for our prize packs. This week's Wrap School focus is Front Wrap Cross Carry and Short Cross Carry. 

IBW 2016 Prize Packages

Entries for our prizes are earned in store by attending any of the above-listed events, you can enter at each event you attend. Online customers can participate in our prize giveaways in two ways: Join our Facebook group: The Sprout Soup Stir and participate in the giveaway threads or on Instagram follow @SproutSoup find our tag #ibw2016atSS add a comment and/or submit your own photo.

Grand Prize - Wrapsody Hybrid Wrap and Bracelet (1)
Our favorite newborn through toddler, easy entry wrap is the Wrapsody Hybrid. This wrap was donated by Wrapsody for our giveaway. Winner can choose color/pattern. Wrap scrap bracelet is our custom Lorelei pattern.

First Runner Up - Wrap Scrap Pack (1)
Starbright Baby wrap scrap giraffe and crinkle square, Wrapsody wrap scrap bracelet in our exclusive Lorelei design.

Second Runner Up - Teething Baby Pack (1)
Chompy Chic Necklace for mom, Amber Monkey amber necklace for baby, AppleCheeks Mini Zip

Consolation Prize (local attendees only) - Wrap Scrap Bracelet (5)
Our exclusive Lorelei Wrapsody Hybrid in bracelet form! The consolation prizes are available for our local attendees only and can be picked up in store (no shipping).

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  • Wish I could attend!!

    Azi Collins on
  • I love seeing your posts! Im.due with my first baby any day and I’m so excited to learn to baby wear! Thanks so much for the contest

    Jennifer CARNEY on
  • I love seeing your posts! Im.due with my first baby any day and I’m so excited to learn to baby wear! Thanks so much for the contest

    Jennifer CARNEY on
  • For international baby wearing weak 2016 i started wearing my baby more than usual and i learned more about baby carriers.i am now thinking to buy my first woven wrap

    Nicolau Alexandra on
  • What a great way to celebrate #ibw2016! Can’t wait to see updates on these amazing giveaways!

    holly Turnbull on

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