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Why Should I Take a Babywearing Class?

Posted by Alissa DeRouchie on

Why should you take a babywearing class? Aren't carriers easy to use? Just put them on and put baby in, right?

It is true that most carriers are really easy to use, but we do find that some families feel uncomfortable or awkward with their carriers at first. Taking a class, especially while you're still expecting, can help you feel confident wearing your baby from the beginning.

We have designed our classes to be a multi-level and multi-faceted, giving you not just the tools you need to wear your baby safely and confidently, but helping you to understand why wearing is important and how to work it into your every day life.

Many consider the first three months of a baby's life the 4th Trimester. Some believe that human babies are born too early and during these months the infant is still developing as if they were still in the womb. Whether that is the case or not, we know that the early experiences a baby has are very important to their overall development, especially in their brain as connections are being made.

We know that keeping baby upright on a caregiver's chest (especially mom!) is one thing that helps their transition to the outside world. Nothing supports this better than a baby carrier. Along with that comforting position, the movement of mom's body reminds the infant of their time in utero, helping to calm them and keep them in what we call a quiet alert state which facilitates connections in the brain.

We offer a few different types of babywearing classes. We have what we call our Happy Baby Series of classes which covers all types of carriers in three classes based on your baby's age and stage of development. We also offer Wrap School which is specifically focused on woven wraps and takes you from learning to wrap it on and tie knots to back carries. 

We hope you will join us in a class or two and see what babywearing can do for you and your baby!

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